Trick2g’s counterjungle Nunu


Since the 3.8 patch counterjungling has been a lot more rewarding than before. Why?

  • Ancient Golem: Base Experience granted increased to 340 from 220
  • Lizard Elder: Base Experience granted increased to 340 from 220
  • Young Lizard: Base Experience granted reduced to 10 from 40
  • All the jungle camps now spawn at 1:55

This means that taking a buff at level 1 will automatically put you level 2, and running straight to another buff and finishing it will put you level 3. Why is this good for counterjunglers?

This is great when counterjungling because when you steal a buff you set the jungler back while putting yourself ahead. Since 3.8 you now set him back of a whole level for each buff you take from level 1 to 3. Also, the buff scraps (young lizards) are now almost worthless in experience so leaving these to your enemy isn’t a problem at all.

Before anything else, let’s check out Trick2g’s video.

When he steals that blue buff from under the enemy jungler’s nose he puts himself at level 2 and skills Blood Boil (W) right away for the speed buff it gives him. This means that at level 2 Nunu can easily outrun almost anybody level 1. If the enemy team isn’t all there with CC to contest this, they can’t counter Nunu invading the jungle once he has got the buff and the level 2. Even if the enemy team is there, most laners don’t start with their CC skill at level 1, making a getaway relatively clean.

Now if Shyvana hadn’t followed him to the red, Trick2g would have walked straight to Shyvana’s red to steal it as well, putting himself level 3 while Shyvana was still level 1. At this point he can land enough damage on Shyvana to force her to back and while she does so, he can take all of the big monsters from every camp leaving only scraps for Shyvana.

The enemy team can’t contest him stealing the second buff if his team backs him up, because at this point he outlevels, and has better stats than anybody on the map:

  • Better stats from leveling up
  • Red buff + Blue buff advantage
  • Consume’s (Q) buffs

Let’s see how to build Nunu to fit this playstyle.



  • Movement speed will help you escape after stealing a buff, and being a faster counterjungler, it scales well with Blood Boil (W).
  • Cooldown reduction is core to this build, since you want to be using your Consume (Q) all the time to counterjungle faster and to solo dragon. Also see how it scales late game further down in the post.
  • Armor and Magic penetration are standard runes for jungling. Counterjungle Nunu doesn’t really rely on attack speed to steal big camps so I wouldn’t recommend AS marks.



There’s also the 0/9/21 variation that you could use I guess, but the most important here is:

  • Movement speed (+3%)(+5% when out of combat)
  • Increased buff duration
  • Increased gained experience
  • Explorer ward
  • Summoner spell cooldown reduction (10%)

The extra spellvamp doesn’t hurt ;)

Skill order

Try to keep Consume’s (Q) level high enough during the laning phase so that you can be more efficient at counterjungling, if the laning phase is going to last and you haven’t maxed, try to get a few levels of consume even though you’re not going to max it out.

As soon as laning phase is over, your most important skill after Absolute Zero (R) is your Ice Blast (E) so that you can constantly spam your Ice Blast for a decent amount of damage along with CC.

How does this build scale late game?

First, you’ll have a massive advantage in gold and experience over the other jungler. If you snowballed, it’ll be over the entire enemy team. Getting ahead of somebody is great, but getting ahead of an enemy while pushing him down is even better, and that’s what counterjungling is all about.

Second of all, the cooldown reduction you get from runes/masteries/items will allow you to land icecubes over icecubes at the enemy champions, which comes in handy in a lot of situation. The cooldown reduction will also allow you to have your ultimate available a lot more often and wasting it won’t be game-impacting. Overall, cooldown reduction scales really well late game as you’ll also have a constant Blood boil (W), and Consume (Q) up anytime.

How will the 3.9 patch affect Trick2g’s Nunu?

We don’t know for sure what will be in the 3.9 patch, but the PBE servers have this to say for now :

  • Health per level decreased to 96 from 108
  • Consume (Q) damage lowered to 500/625/750/875/1000 from 600/700/800/900/1000

Consume damage will still be higher than a level 1 smite (490) but will require being a lot more accurate and will make it harder to steal by “outsmiting” without using smite. To steal that buff securely without taking an enormous risk it’ll be now more secure to combine smite and consume (Q).

So not much here right now, I’ll keep this section up to date until we get the official 3.9 patch notes.


Make sure to read GrizzB’s post tomorrow, it’ll be about the value of different junglers and how to deal with control junglers like Nunu.


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